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Purple Falcon

A different type of IT Managed Services Provider delivering IT as a Service
with transparent fixed pricing right on our website.

Real Experts, Real Fixed Costs, Really Amazing

Delivering amazing and unlimited services at a simple cost per employee. A true fixed price that doesn’t come with any strings attached. deliver amazing and unlimited services at a simple cost per employee. A true fixed price that doesn’t come with any strings attached.

Switching is Easy

We take care of everything required for the switch at no extra cost to you!

Fixed Pricing

Our costs per employee are fixed. Never worry about price changes again.

Monthly Contracts

Month to month contracts that you can cancel at anytime, no pressure.

Our Support Metrics Speak For Themselves


Customer Satisfaction 98%
First Call Resolution (FCR) 97%
Support Quality Score (PFP internal metric) 96%
Speed to Answer (5 min email response time / 20 sec call pickup time) 92%
Time to Resolution (complete request resolution within SLA) 99%
Easy to Start

We make it easy to switch to our services. No extra costs or fees!

Our Services Include Everything Your Company Needs

There are no extra costs for technology research, selection, implementation or management. We are your complete IT department at a fixed and flexible cost. Stop dealing with hidden fees, renegotiations and subpar support. Make the switch to total IT Management today. 

Not Just An IT Service Provider or Consultant

We are your complete IT Department working hard for your company 24/7/365. Don’t worry about per hour or fluctuating monthly costs. With our service you will always know how much your IT services cost, because our pricing is per employee and upfront. Since we are always on the clock working for you, we reduce issues and solve problems so they don’t impact your company’s productivity. We do IT all so you can focus on your business, employees and customers!

The game has changed.

  • Saving money is one of the most compelling reasons for companies to outsource IT services
  • Outsourcing IT services allows business owners to concentrate on core goals and objectives.
  • Outsourcing IT systems and services creates a more equitable playing field between small firms and large enterprises.

Renegotiating Costs Each Year or Project Wastes Time & Money!

Stop dealing with IT consultants that decide how many hours they will charge you or how much the work will cost. Its inevitable each year or sometimes quarter they change their rates. Even the complexity of the technology can cost you more in IT management. How can you manage a budget when costs change all the time. We bring simplicity to your life and business by giving a fixed price per employee. That way you know exactly how much IT is costing you. 

Our Difference

Anyone can say they are different...we show you.

It starts with our upfront pricing. No other IT MSP is transparent enough to put their pricing on their website and start that it never changes. It is our confidence in our service that allows us to be a different kind of IT management company.  We are disrupting traditional IT management, ride the wave with us. 

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