Characteristics of a Great Business Leader

Want to take your career to the next level? Learn how to lead in business and watch as your career grows exponentially. Whether you are just starting out or you own a successful business, you can benefit from incorporating the following characteristics into your professional life. Successful business leaders effectively communicate, make decisions, and motivate others. Keep reading to learn how you can become the business leader you are meant to be!

Understand Success

Success looks different for every person. Maybe you want a certain salary range or job title. You might dream of owning your own business. Perhaps you are interested in a flexible work solution that affords more time with your family. Whatever your career aspirations, it is important to define success. Think through the following questions and topics to define success as a business leader.

  • Where do you want to be with your career in one year? Five years? Ten years?
  • Create small, measurable goals that work towards your big picture
  • Regularly check in with yourself to update your goals and monitor your progress
  • Realize that it is okay for your goals to change over time

Be a Team Player

Leadership can be misunderstood for running a one-person-show. However, as a leader, it is important to be a team player. You will find yourself in frequent situations when you cannot handle the workload alone. Having a strong team to rally around you can be invaluable. As a business leader, it is your job to keep your team focused on the goal and help them stay motivated. Being someone who jumps in and helps out will help them trust and respect you on a higher level.

Be a Decision-Maker

Part of being a leader is taking on the responsibility of making decisions. While it can seem nerve wracking to make decisions that affect you, your company, and your employees, it is necessary to move your career forward. Incorporate the following practices into your work to help you better make decisions.

  • Keep an open mind and always be willing to learn something new
  • Ask your employees for input
  • Find a mentor to help guide you
  • Remind yourself of your career goals and company goals
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest information in your industry

Be Authentic

People can tell if someone is lying or disingenuous. Employees who do not trust you will be less motivated to work with you and for you. Keep your team encouraged and motivated by being a business leader they can trust. Inform your team of any major shifts or changes in the company, so they feel in the loop. Ask your team for input on a regular basis to make sure they feel valued as part of the organization. In the end, being authentic is much easier than putting up a façade or pretending to be something you are not. Even in the worst cases, you can own up to your mistakes or decisions that did not pan out according to plan. Employees and team members will appreciate the honesty and responsibility you show.

Be Passionate

It is much easier to lead a team in a direction you are passionate about. This characteristic directly ties in with goal setting. If you understand what success looks like for your career, you can confidently make moves in that direction. Leaders that move aimlessly or falter on decisions are not effective leaders. Passion is also likely to influence your team members in a positive way as well. If they can see your commitment to your organization and goals, they will be more motivated to work with you.

If you are ready to be the best leader you can be, incorporate these characteristics into your business practices. Leadership can seem difficult or overwhelming at times, but if you keep your goals in mind, you can stay the course. Being authentic, passionate, decisive, and working with your team can help you reach your goals faster and be an effective business leader.

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