3 Apps to Make You a Better Leader

Technology helps us in every aspect of our lives. From contacting friends and family to navigation and efficiency, we all use technology every day. But did you know that technology can also help you become a better leader?

Most business leaders live on their smartphones. They answer calls, check emails, and keep their business operating from one little device. There are also several apps you can add to your smartphone to improve your leadership skills. Keep reading to learn more about technology that can help you run your business.

Improve Your Communication

For business leaders, communication is key to success. You have to be able to listen to your team members in order to understand what they need from you as a leader. You also need to listen to your customers or audience to learn about their needs and wants.

Delegating tasks and assigning responsibility is also more efficient with improved communication skills. Your employees need you to provide clear communication on your expectations and goals. This is the only way everyone can work together on the same page and achieve your organizational goals.

You should also add skills for praising and complimenting your employees. When people work hard and receive recognition, they feel appreciated. This appreciation can lead to better employee retention and loyal employees who want to drive your vision forward.

Consider using an app like Monday to help you communicate better as a leader. Monday enables you to organize your company goals, plans, and tasks to keep your team focused. Each team member can see their responsibilities for a project and visualize where they fit into the process. You can follow up with team members throughout a project and offer feedback or praise when necessary.

Better Manage Your Finances

Financial responsibilities often put a major strain on business owners and leaders. You have to manage your revenue, expenses, payroll and more to keep your business afloat. Bills can pile up if you do not address them in a timely manner. You may also receive stray invoices or requests for purchase orders.

Keeping everything organized and in one place can be difficult. If you hire an accountant, you may feel like you lack visibility into your day-to-day finances. You could also have financial decisions handled by multiple department managers or product managers throughout your organizations.

An app like Bill.com can simplify your bills and payments, keeping everything in one place. Invoice data is automatically entered into the app and ready for review. You can also approve bills from anywhere by using the app on your mobile device. You will have direct insight into your finances and better control over money coming in and out of your business.

Make Stronger Connections

You probably already have a LinkedIn account, but are you using it effectively? As a business leader, networking is a crucial part of your success. Whether you want to earn new clients, find new employees, or form partnerships, creating business connections is essential.

There are more than half a billion people on LinkedIn all over the world. These users include executives and leaders from businesses that can benefit you and your company. They also include potential clients who can use the app to learn about you and your business.

On LinkedIn, it is important to have a professional profile photo. This can help make a good impression on people who visit your site and allow them to connect a face to your name. You should also use your profile summary to provide personality to your profile and let visitors know who you are.

Reach out to your current contacts and request recommendations. This will help others see the skills and abilities you have and what you can provide to their organization. Use contact invitations to connect with people you meet or want to meet within your industry. Regularly keep up with contacts to develop mutually beneficial relationships over time.


As a leader, your business depends on your ability to communicate, manage your finances, and make connections. From leading your team to bringing in new clients, the apps mentioned above can improve your leadership skills on a consistent basis. The more you use these apps and incorporate them into your everyday workflow, the more efficient you will become.

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