Make Your Resume Stand Out

Whether you are the leader of a company or trying to land your first job, you should have a standout resume. This one tool can be incredibly powerful for getting hired, forming partnerships, and impressing investors. If you already have a resume, there are several ways you can enhance it, so it does not get lost in the pile. For those who are at the beginning of their career, use these tips to build your first resume.

Modify your resume to the opportunity

A job posting provides a wealth of information. Instead of sending the same resume out for every job opportunity, make slight modifications to suit the job description. You can likely find keywords in the job posting to include in your resume. Carefully read the responsibilities and requirements for the position and use similar language for your relevant qualifications.

For business owners or leaders looking to form a partnership or gain new investors, you can adopt a similar technique. Research your prospect as much as possible to incorporate wording that will resonate with them. This extra step can work wonders and help you catch someone’s eye.

Keep your fonts professional

Unless you are applying for a highly creative position, your resume should follow standard fonts and formatting. Top choices for professional documents include Arial and Times New Roman. Font size should stay around 10 or 12 points to keep your resume readable without being overwhelming. Color is best used thoughtfully as a header or a way to make something stand out.

No matter the opportunity, you should try to reduce the amount of whitespace on your resume. If it looks extremely blank that can cause a reader to pause. Some whitespace is necessary for readability, but too much can make it seem like you lack experience.

Put important information first

For someone just out of college, you will have to include internship experience or other work you did in college. However, if you have some years of experience, you should not put your college years first. The typical style is to put your most recent position first, with key points underneath. It is usually safe to remove experience that is more than 10 years old, unless it is relevant to the opportunity.

If you are seeking funding for a new project or looking to impress a client with your experience, this tip still applies. Your most relevant achievements, experience, and skills should be featured at the top of your resume. People do not spend a lot of time reading resumes, and you want to convey as much information as possible in a short space.

Incorporate power words

Active language is one way to help your resume stand out from the rest. Using power words conveys confidence and experience. Remove any extraneous words from your resume to keep things concise. Power words include:

• Achieved
• Earned
• Completed
• Accomplished
• Led


Opportunities in business are everywhere, and your resume is often the first step. By properly formatting your resume, using active language, and prioritizing information, you can make a great first impression. From job hunting to landing new clients, every professional needs a top-notch resume.

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