Move Your Business to the Cloud

More businesses are moving their operations to the cloud every day. From storing data to accessing software and carrying out tasks, cloud computing services offer significant benefits for modern businesses. By 2020, 83% of enterprise workloads will operate from the cloud, and on-site workloads will be reduced to 27%. Keep reading for ways your business can benefit by moving to the cloud.

1. Cost efficiency

Building and hosting an on-site data center is a major cost for businesses. Small businesses may not have enough bandwidth to hire technicians and purchase the proper equipment. You can purchase Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing services based on the features, users, and memory space you need. Businesses can benefit by paying only for the services they need, and most providers allow companies to scale their services up or down as needed.

2. Mobility

How much more could your business accomplish if everyone wasn’t tied to the office? More than 3.7 million employees work from home half of the time, making flexibility and mobility crucial for today’s businesses. With cloud computing services, you can work from anywhere.

Moving your business to the cloud allows employees to access data and carry out their daily processes while working from home or another remote location. Business owners can also monitor their business operations from anywhere and stay up to date with all processes. Companies can reduce their overhead when it comes to office space by migrating to the cloud.

3. Security

Forbes reported that 66% of IT professionals cite security as their greatest concern when it comes to migrating to the cloud. However, storing data in the cloud is often safer than using physical servers or data centers. When there is an on-site breach of security, any data on stolen laptops or computers is compromised. If there is a security breach with cloud computing services, data can be accessed and deleted remotely.

Data is also available to anyone in your organization with an internet connection. Bulky backups and maintenance are not required to ensure your data is safe. Permanent data loss can occur if there is a disaster or other event that damages servers or devices. This is not a problem for data stored in the cloud.

4. Endless options

The options for cloud computing software are unlimited. You can find unique services and plans tailored for your business and select the service provider that works for your business and budget. Cloud computing services include three categories: Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). You can create the right solution to meet your exact needs.

5. More collaboration

When it comes to telecommuting, two-thirds of managers have found it to improve overall productivity. But employees can only be productive if you set them up for success. Cloud computing allows your staff to share data and work together to complete projects. Data is available in real-time and the risk of data loss or manipulation is greatly reduced. 

Improve Efficiency with the Cloud

For small businesses efficiency is everything. You can make the most of your resources and employees by migrating your business to the cloud. Access data from anywhere, improve security, and provide effective collaboration tools with cloud computing services.

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