Purple Falcon Partners Webinar: Managing Time With Technology And Techniques

Friday, November 15th at 1:00 PM we will be hosting a webinar covering time management. Time is something we can all use more of, capture some of your time back with what you will learn during the webinar. This is a free webinar, no commitments or requirements to signup. We look forward to seeing you there.

Registration Link: https://www.purplefalconpartners.com/managing-time-with-technology-and-techniques/

Webinar Audience: Leaders, Executives and Business Owners. Targetting those that want greater work-life balance. This is a webinar about managing time effectively. 

What You Will Learn: This webinar will cover technology and techniques that will help you better manage your time and competing worlds. We will focus on how to bring balance to work, life, career and if you are a business owner, your business as well. Some of the technology we will cover; task management, note-taking, goal setting, collaboration and more. The techniques we will cover will be separate from technology but cover some of the same topics.  

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