Your Guide to Law Practice Management Software

As a modern-day lawyer, you are expected to go above and beyond for your clients. The ever-changing technology available for lawyers today puts more strain on the small or medium practice as clients become increasingly demanding. Fortunately, legal practice management software can help you better manage your business and increase potential revenue streams for your firm.

However, deciding which law practice management software is right for you can be a difficult task. With so many software options available, it can take days to sift through your choices and make a decision. Below are some tips to help you determine which law practice management software is right for your small to medium firm.

What is legal practice management software?

Law practice management software has been around for many years, but today’s cloud-based software offers unmatched access to your law firm management and data. With the right legal practice management software, you can handle the daily operations of your business from your desktop device or your mobile phone. Your data is accessible 24/7, costs are flexible, and you can scale your services as needed.

How to find the right legal practice management software

You can search on software review sites like Capterra to read reviews and overviews of the various legal practice management software options available. However, it is important to understand what you are looking for. The first step is to identify your top problems and the areas where your practice could use the most assistance. These challenges will help guide you as you sift through the features that each software offers.

Next, you should learn about each individual software provider. Research the company’s history and how many years of experience they have. Pay attention to the integration partners they offer and whether or not you can utilize a free trial. Finally, dive into the features list offered by each software to determine if it meets your needs.

Common features for law practice management software

From security to task management, each legal practice management software offers a robust list of features. Instead of looking for the software that offers the longest list, look for one that offers features to meet your needs. Reference your list of challenges on a regular basis to keep your top priorities at the front of your mind. Common features for legal practice management software are listed below.

Data Security

You have a commitment to your clients to protect their data and sensitive information. No matter which software you choose, the responsibility for properly managing client data rests on your shoulders. Data security is a crucial aspect of legal practice management software, so you should research how each software option handles your data. Ensure that data is secured but can be accessed by your practice as needed.

Tiered Pricing

Pricing can be a quick way to filter out legal practice management software choices that will not work for your business. Look for a solution with tiered pricing options, so you only pay for the level of service your firm needs. Factor in subscription costs and the cost of additional integrations to determine your monthly costs. With a scalable service, you can adjust your pricing as your business needs change.

Document Management
Organizing and managing documents is a key part of your daily operations. Look for a software that handles the document storage and sharing your business needs to handle your caseload and tasks. Securely sharing documents between clients, experts, and other third parties is necessary in many cases, and your legal practice management software must handle those tasks.

Calendar and Task Management

Many law practice management software options offer integration with your calendar. You can schedule reminders, input deadlines, and manage upcoming appointments. Also, task management features allow you to assign tasks and track their progress in one central location. Time-tracking features will help you manage your billable hours and align with your calendar.

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