‘Last Stop’ is an entertaining boxset of interactive stories

It’s a fine assortment, and all three stories hit their stride early on, with intrigue and efficient pacing. The writing is snappy and smart, with a good ear for comic timing, and the good sense to keep moving on when it hits spikes of melodrama or corny punchlines. It’s also warm with emotion, delivered by characters that are simply drawn but blessed with highly expressive faces. Still, if I’m being picky, while “Last Stop” features a variety of accents and identities, there’s a homogeneity to the way the characters speak. It’s most glaring with Donna and friends, who never quite convince as modern teenagers, especially when using terms like ‘dob in’ (to snitch) — an Australian phrase — or referring to “ASBOs” (anti-social behavior orders), which no longer exist in England. The script seems more sure-footed when speaking through older individuals like John, or kids like his delightfully sharp daughter, Molly.

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