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no gimmicks or hidden fees. We are Focused on
long-term partnerships built around mutual value & growth.

Custom pricing for your Business

Nobody has times to play games with pricing or go through long negotiation cycles. Our pricing is customized to fit your exact needs. Have a short term project or a long term engagement to achieve a business goal. We are here no matter what you need to help you solve problems and grow your business. 

Easy to Start

We make it easy to Engage with or Switch to our services. No extra costs or fees!

Per Project Pricing

If your business has a specific need to get something done our per project pricing is exactly what you need. We bill per project not per hour so you never have to worry about where time is being spent. We deliver IT project excellence with one flat cost for piece of mind.
*per project pricing is agreed upon based on a defined Scope of Work. SOW creation or validation is free of charge.
Time defined projects with specific goals & objectives.
We help you build an SOW or validate your own.
Fixed Pricing Per Project
  • Full team of project experts
  • Billed per project not per hour
  • Daily or weekly progress updates
  • Built in project management
  • No extra charges for meetings

Start with a project grow to as a service.

Start with our per project service to support a transformational project or implement some specific business goal. Grow into a per Term engagement where we support your IT team or entire business. When it makes sense switch to our As a Service (ITaaS) offering for complete piece of mind IT services. 

Engagements that last a period of time.
Include multiple projects & multiple businessgoals
Fixed Pricing Per Term
  • Team of cross-functional experts
  • Billed per term not hourly
  • Weekly & monthly updates
  • Monthly executive IT reports
  • No extra or hidden costs

Per Term Pricing

When you have several projects that need completed along with several business goals. Retain our expert services for a period of time to achieve the goals you need. Its like having a full-time IT department to solve specific goals and drive measured value for your business.
*per term pricing is agreed upon based on a defined Scope of Work. SOW creation or validation is free of charge.

Ready, Set, GO!

Book a meeting with us to learn more about our services or get started right away.

Discovery Meeting

In our meeting we will review our services and your needs. The goal is to ensure we are a fit your you.

Technology Review

We dig deep into your technology or project to determine risks, value and the detailed first next steps.


Contracts are completed. You are assigned an onboarding team that will support your transition or project.

Our Services Include Everything Your Company Needs

There are no extra costs for technology research, selection, implementation or management. We are your complete IT services provider at a fixed and flexible cost. Stop dealing with hidden fees, renegotiations and subpar support. Make the switch to better IT services today. 

Partnerships Are Our Strength

We never accept commission, compensation or any form of payment for recommending any services. Our mission is to be an unbiased provider of quality IT services. By accepting any form of payment for recommendations we would blur the that line and that is not something we will ever do.  

IT as a Service (ITaaS)

When your business needs a complete turn key IT managed service we are your full IT department. Simple per employee per month pricing for all you IT needs. Simple transparent pricing with no yearly renegotiations costs. There is no cost to switch or start, contact us today to get started.
*charged per supported employee that utilizes technology services covered under the operating agreement signed at the start of the engagement. Modifications to the agreements are simple and easy, modifiable by you at anytime.
Per employee per month fixed pricing.
A complete IT managed service at a low monthkly cost
Fixed Pricing Per Employee
  • 24/7/365 IT support services
  • Full IT DR & BCP
  • System data backups
  • Performance monitoring
  • Monthly performance reporting

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