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Our Industries, Our Expertise

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Our Services Include Everything Your Company Needs

There are no extra costs for technology research, selection, implementation or management. We are your complete IT department at a fixed and flexible cost. Stop dealing with hidden fees, renegotiations and subpar support. Make the switch to total IT Management today. 

Not Just An IT Service Provider or Consultant

We are your complete IT Department working hard for your company 24/7/365. Don’t worry about per hour or fluctuating monthly costs. With our service you will always know how much your IT services cost, because our pricing is per employee and upfront. Since we are always on the clock working for you, we reduce issues and solve problems so they don’t impact your company’s productivity. We do IT all so you can focus on your business, employees and customers!

We work with leading solution providers. Our  support staff trains for hundreds of hours every year. 

We never accept commission or any payment from providers for suggesting their services. We either waive that privilege or try to pass it on to you to lower your costs.  

Our Difference Is Our Advantage

We are different. You notice it the moment you visit our website and the second you talk to our employees. Its not just our upfront pricing and great customer service. It’s that we truly care about your success in the long run. We aren’t here to make a quick buck and hope to string you along. We want to earn your trust, business and be successful with you. 

A Texas Based Company

We are a proud Texas based company servicing; Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. Our owners have over 52 years of combined IT experience in a wide variety of industries. 

We specifically created our services to be easy to understand, transparent and free of ambiguity. Our sales teams are highly trained professionals with a goal to never give any type of pressure. Once you become a client you work directly with our technical teams. Not virtual CIOs who are thinly veiled sales teams. Never deal with pricing negotiations again! We absorb cost increases with better AI and automation. 

Contact us to learn more about our services. We are glad to answer any questions or help with some friendly advice. Our goal is to be a great partner for you and help Texas businesses. 

Your Strategic Partner By Design.

The moment our customers truly understand how we are a strategic partner comes during the yearly strategy review for the next year. We ask our clients to share their budgets so we can fit the best technology within that budget. When they hesitate we remind them that our services are fixed and we never ask for increases. Knowing the budget has zero impact on our services or charges. Its that moment of clarity is when new clients understand how different we are and how strategic we will be for them. 

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Phone: 877 494 7093
Address: 25807 Westheimer Parkway Suite #410 Katy, TX 77494
GENERAL SALES HOURS: MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:00, SAT-SUN 10:00 - 16:00



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