We take responsibility to deliver all the Information Technology services your
business needs at a fixed cost per employee.

Designing Your IT

When you need technology solutions to serve your business we will design them to achieve measurable business value.

Building Your IT

Installing and configuration the technology you need. Whether local, in the cloud or somwhere else we have you covered.

Managing Your IT

Ensuring that the technology you have is working to meet the demands of your employees and delivering value to your business.

Aligning Your IT

Providing strategic alignment of technology resources and assets with the current and future needs of your business.

What is ITaaS

IT as a Service (ITaaS)

Turn Key Solution

An easy to implement solution. We perform a simple discovery of your current environment. Then quickly take responsibility over for your technology with no impact to your business or employees.

Complete IT Department

Everything your business needs to get value from the best technology that fits your needs. We manage that technology and support your employees using it.

Technology that grows with you

As your business grows or market conditions changes so does your technology. We provide strategies to ensure your technology continues to deliver value and expectations.

Designing IT solutions
that Grow Your Business

With our ITaaS, you get a team of IT architects that help design technical solutions to empower your business. From desktop to cloud services any IT solutions can be designed to meet the needs of your business and employees. Your team will even work with and negotiate with vendors to ensure you get the best possible technology at the best price. 

When designing technical solutions for your business, we focus on three primary areas. They help validate what value the design will bring and set a blueprint for building and delivering the solution. 


We identify which applications are critical to the design’s success and how they can be further enhanced


We define the best infrastructure to meet the business needs of the design. Typically cloud or local.


We treat your data as critical to any design. It is the driver of good design and how employees will use it. 

Our ITaaS Service is priced per employee

with month to month contracts and fixed prices you get back control of your information technology budget

Ready, Set, GO!

Book a meeting with us to learn more about our services or get started right away.

Discovery Meeting

In our meeting we will review our services and your needs. The goal is to ensure we are a fit your you.

Technology Review

We dig deep into your technology or project to determine risks, value and the detailed first next steps.


Contracts are completed. You are assigned an onboarding team that will support your transition or project.

Building the Best Technology solutions for your Business


We can purchase and setup laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, etc for your employees. Again we never markup costs.


We take care of building all infrastructure related elements of a design like servers, network, databases, wireless and more!


Whether the design is fully in the cloud or a hybrid we take care of everything so you can take advantage of any cloud service.


We can purchase equipment and services on your behalf. We never markup costs or except 3rd party commission for builds.


We manage all of your licenses to ensure you stay within compliance and are prepared for any required upgrades.


We track, manage and report on all warranties so you receive the very best support on all hardware and services.

Partnerships Are Our Strength

We never accept commission, compensation or any form of payment for recommending any services. Our mission is to be an unbiased provider of quality IT services. By accepting any form of payment for recommendations we would blur the that line and that is not something we will ever do.  
Easy to Start

We make it easy to switch to our services. No extra costs or fees!

Employee Support

Providing 24/7/365 local and remote technology support for your employees when they need it. We also utilize advanced alerting, artificial intelligence to predict failures and a deep understanding of your business and employees to achieve proactive support. Technology that works and is always there when you need it is the best kind of technology

Infrastructure & Systems

Our engineers monitor your hardware, software and applications to provide proactive, predictive and reactive support. Our goal is to ensure your technology stays available 100% of the time. Whether local, cloud or hybrid we ensure your business is always running.

Business & Systems Data

Data is critical to your business, it is why you have hardware and software. Both do something with and to the data. We ensure that your data is secure and backed up so that nothing negative impacts it to cause harm to your business or employees.

Governance & Reporting

We utilize COBIT because it provides governance on IT delivery (how your business and employees use IT) and IT value (the benefit your business and employees get from IT). That is critical to ensuring that your technology is delivering maximum value everyday.

IT Management Done Right!

Total IT Management Services

When we mean Total IT Management, we mean it! Our experts are your experts and ready to provide the services you need to grow your business. All of our services are included in your monthly costs. You never have to worry about what extra charges you are going to see month to month. 

*Hardware & Software purchase costs are not included. Such as costs to purchase workstations & peripherals, network equipment, productivity software like Office 365, and other software not related to the delivery of our services. We can purchase hardware and software on your behalf with zero markup or extra costs. 




Our Support Metrics Speak For Themselves

We collect our performance metrics every month and keep a running average. We use that information to determine our performance and how best we are supporting you. 

Customer Satisfaction 98%
First Call Resolution (FCR) 97%
Support Quality Score (PFP internal metric) 96%
Speed to Answer (5 min email response time / 20 sec call pickup time) 92%
Time to Resolution (complete request resolution within SLA) 99%

Aligning IT to meet your business needs

To get the most from your technology, your technology needs to evolve and grow with your business. Static technology holds your business back by slowing down systems, applications and employees. This might be fine for IT consultants that charge per hour rates, but we don’t think it is . It is important that your technology has a purposeful strategy plan to support how you want your business to run and grow. 

Value & Investment

When you invest in technology you expect some sort of value from that investment. We help you understand and define investment values so you can make wise choices with your finite budget.

Strategy & Growth

Never be blindsided by outdated or unsupported technology that forces you to make an investment decision. We will develop strategies that keep you in front of future technology investments.

People & Culture

Technology impacts how your people work and even the culture in which they work. We help you align technology investments to support the people you need and the culture you want.

Two Worlds One Goal

IT Strategy & Business Alignment

Building an IT strategy aligned with business goals is challenging. In fact, it is the single greatest challenge for IT professionals and executives. The reason is that there are not one size fits all models like COBIT or TOGAF. IT-Business strategies require intimate knowledge of the business and extend into nearly every aspect of both. 

As we get to know your business we begin to develop a custom IT strategy aligned with your business goals and growth. We met with you quarterly to review and update the strategy. 

Our Services Include Everything Your Company Needs

There are no extra costs for technology research, selection, implementation or management. We are your complete IT department at a fixed and flexible cost. Stop dealing with hidden fees, renegotiations and subpar support. Make the switch to total IT Management today. 

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