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Measure Your Partners by Their Value

We want to be more than a vendor or service to you and your company. We want to be value adding partner. Those aren’t just words, we show your our value in our everyday actions and commitments. Our pricing is upfront so you can make well informed decisions. Our project work and engagements are well defined so you know the specific value we will deliver. We even offer unlimited ITaaS so you don’t have to worry about tracking hours, work or support. We want to be your valued partner. 

Vendor vs Partner

There are a lot of vendors out there that are looking to provide you services. Many are great companies, but being a vendor means they put their interests first. The may provide a good service, but at a cost that is higher then it should be. Your costs may be different then someone else’s costs. They may recommend services but those that benefit them. A vendor is in it for whats good for them. A partner is in it to develop long term mutually beneficial partnerships. We are a partner and will always strive to be one. 

A Vendor


Pricing and services are given in bits and pieces. Complicated contracts, unintelligible SLAs, no monthly reporting or reporting whatsoever. A vendor does their best to obscure what they do so it is hard for you to directly measure their value.


Suggestions and recommendations are based on what is best for the vendor. Their relationships with vendors they recommend give them discounts and payments. Other times they are because of simplicity or ease of the service, again to benefit them.


Support, sales, reporting, all of it is reactive to the situation. Services and solutions are not given until you absolutely need them or it is convenient for the vendor to supply them. That also means reporting is almost never given.


A vendor is not always forthcoming with the truth or the whole truth. They distort information to benefit themselves or cause confusion on a topic. When it comes time for renegotiations they use misinformation and scare tactics to manipulate you.

A Partner


A partner gives you everything upfront in clear, easy to understand language. For example, we give our pricing right up front. It is easy to understand and allows you to measure our value. The same goes for our services and we give monthly reporting on our performance.


No matter what, a vendor makes suggestions solely on what is best for the partnership and the client. No money is given or accepted for any recommendations or suggestions. If there are any benefits the partner recieves from any service the client is made aware.


There before you need them because they are always looking out for you. By being proactive a partner is looking after the relationship, not the bottom line. Reports are given before you ask and given in a clear to understand manner.


Being authentic means a partner is always forthcoming with information that helps you learn and grow. Partners usually have information blogs on their website for example. Renegotiations are either not needed or done with extreme professionalism.

Our Difference

Anyone can say they are different...we show you.

It starts with our upfront pricing and the flexibility to change services at anytime. It continues with our IT as a Service which offers unlimited services at a fixed cost. It is our confidence in our service that allows us to be a different kind of IT management company.  We are disrupting traditional IT management, ride the wave with us. 

Always looking out our mutual best interests

We Are Your Authentic & Transparent Partner

We are committed to being a great partner to you and working on what is best for both our companies. That is more than a statement, it is a promise from us to you. As an example of that, we never accept any financial benefit from any recommendation of service or implementation of service. Instead, if the vendor is willing to give a discount our commission we try to pass that along to you. It helps you by reducing operational or licensing costs and helps us by strengthening our partnership. 

You also see our commitment through our monthly reporting. We want you to be educated on what we are doing and how we are doing it. When we say we backup your data we let you know how and what the business impact is. We take it even further and test your backups regularly. 

It is important to us that we tell you how we are different and show you how we are different. Because we are a different kind of IT service provider. 

Most companies don’t have time to focus on IT strategy and most IT MSPs charge for strategizing time. The result is technology strategy planning doesn’t occur. That causes severe misalignment between your business and future technology that can give you a competitive advantage. We don’t charge for strategy planning and since we get to know your business we can even perform strategy planning for you. Our success is not the hours we bill but how much you grow and succeed. 

IT MSPs that don’t charge for strategy time are usually recommending solutions that give them margins or kick backs. We never accept money in any form from the services we recommend or implement. We try to pass those savings to you. 

More then just a Tech partner
A Business Partner Helping you Thrive!

We go beyond just being a great technical partner. We help you identify which technologies bring value to your business. We spend time working specific models that help you understand ROI and risk for any investment. We do this because your growth helps us as it helps you. Our costs are not per hour or per project, they are per employee. That means your long term success and growth benefits both our companies. 

Helping you implement technology services and solutions that attract, retain and grow top talent. Remember, people are your single greatest resource and the key to your success. 

Repeatable success is the key to profitability. We help you build processes around your technology, and business, so you can repeat successes with ease. It also helps identify inefficiencies and improvements which both lead to greater profitability. 

The keystone of the services we provide is technology. We ensure each of your investments is made wisely, with plenty of information, business alignment and strategy. We go a step further and help you implement that technology as part of our fixed monthly costs.

Everything in business is a risk vs reward scenario. The key is to minimize risk while maximizing reward. Any technology implementation carries a level of risk with it. In fact, even switch IT MSPs carry risk. We help you understand, navigate and mitigate risk. For example, switching to our service requires no risk from you. We take care of all the work at no extra cost. 

This is the ultimate goal of any business, maximize value as much as you can. Value can be monetary or it can be experience. There are many ways to define and also measure value for any initiative. We help you do just that for all IT projects and services. We even give you a monthly report to show you the value we are delivering to your business. 

We Understand How To Make You Successful

When IT and Business align, great things happen. The challenge is achieving that alignment in a meaningful way. This is especially difficult for small and mid-market businesses that cannot afford to hire the people to achieve it. The great news is we can help you achieve it at a reasonable fixed price per month. Our teams have worked in large and small companies. We have the training and decades of experience to help you achieve total business and IT alignment. 

Your Strategic Partner


We help you standardize business and IT process to improve business efficiencies and profitability. We align that standardization to future state strategies to lower costs.


We help you optimize your business using technology solutions. Those optimizations can assist with cost reduction, mergers, acquisitions or expansions.


We help you predict the future you want for your business. You can then chart a path forward that achieves success as close to that prediction as possible.


We help you drive forward with initiatives that you want and need for your business. IT can be a strong force to move projects forward or just help manage them properly.

Our Values

We started our company with 3 primary values we would uphold at all times. Each one of our values we consider critical to our success and support them within our company culture and every client interaction. Our values help keep us grounded and drive our passions forward. 


We believe in maintaining balance with all that we do. Work, Life, Community, everything. Balance is what keeps us happy and motivated. Without it we feel lost and cannot be our best. 


We believe in giving to others before all else. We promote a sense of service to others within our company and espeically within our leadership. It is what makes us great partners and workers. 


We believe in the community around us, both micro and macro. Our success should be shared with others to help them be successful. In turn we all benefit and soar to new heights, together. 

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