Returning to Work
Post COVID-19

As we begin to come out of the Pandemic the face of Business will never be the same. Those that prepare for what may come next, those that embrace hybrid working, those that adjust to the new norm are the businesses that will be successful!

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Employee happiness index improvement (avg)

Working from home can be a matter of more hours in the day. This is especially true for small businesses and new companies where they can’t afford to waste even one minute of the workday. “Being a small startup, every hour of the day is important,” says Tim Segraves, co-founder and CTO of Revaluate, “If we all spent an hour of day commuting, that would be almost 20 hours a week that would go to commuting instead of building out our product and business.”

One Step Ahead

Helping you Get Ahead

The businesses that can develop robust work from home strategies that benefit both the company and the employee will be those businesses that not only survive but flourish. Employees are actively looking for employers that allow them to work from home. This is UNPRECEDENTED, as small and mid-sized companies have the opportunity to get top talent by simply offering great hybrid working. We are empowering businesses implement robust work from home strategies that empower productive workers, improve collaboration and protect company resources with best in class security. 

Return to work IT Strategies that Work!

Turn key Hybrid Working...

Our IT as a Service platform is a turn key work from home strategy for your company. Implementing in the matter of days or weeks, we empower your employees to work anywhere. We give you the piece of mind that they are being productive and happy.  


Virtual Desktop, VPN or direct cloud (i.e. O365), we can ensure your employees are always connected to the resources they need to be productive.


Teams, Slack,, and more. We have expertise to implement the best solution to keep your hybrid employees connected and innvoating.

Desk Booking

Whether you have a dedicated space or need shared workspaces we can help implement the perfect desk booking (hoteling) solution for hybrid working.

IT Support

With our ITaaS platform you get unlimited IT support for your hybrid employees. Anywhere, anytime we got them covered to keep them working and frustration free

The Expertise You Need!

We have the expertise and the total support package to take your company from returning to work to flying past your competition. The businesses that embrace the new norm are the future business leaders! We can help you build the perfect hybrid working solution, for your business and employees. 

*Hardware & Software purchase costs are not included. Such as costs to purchase workstations & peripherals, network equipment, productivity software like Office 365, and other software not related to the delivery of our services. We can purchase hardware and software on your behalf with zero markup or extra costs. 




Ready, Set, GO!

Book a meeting with us to learn more about our services or get started right away.

Discovery Meeting

In our meeting we will review our services and your needs. The goal is to ensure we are a fit your you.

Technology Review

We dig deep into your technology or project to determine risks, value and the detailed first next steps.


Contracts are completed. You are assigned an onboarding team that will support your transition or project.

three steps for Return to Work Success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Simple monthly pricing, unlimited services, unmatched quality. We take on all the heavy lifting and risk to partner with you and be your IT Managed Services company. We will get you shifted into the best hybrid working environment. Kick your business into high gear today!

Step 1

We learn what your business Needs

We review your current technology, people, processes and needs. We can then provide a detailed and easy to understand plan to implement a return to work strategy.

Step 2

Prepare Your IT Services

We create the perfect IT  services that will empower your return to work strategy. From cloud to desk booking systems we will ensure you accommodate your business and employees. 

Step 3

Empowering Success

We work with you and your employees to ensure training and adoption for the new hybrid strategy. Our ITaaS platform provides unlimited IT support for your employees anytime and anywhere. 

Teleworkers are an average of 35-40% more productive than their office counterparts, and have measured an output increase of at least 4.4%.

54% of employees say they would change jobs for one that offered them more flexibility, which results in an average of 12% turnover reduction after a remote work agreement is offered.

Organizations save an average of $11,000 per year per part-time telecommuter, or 21% higher profitability.

- Forbes

We Manage the technology that empowers your Hybrid strategy

We are your IT department. A proactive team of IT engineers and support staff working 24/7 to keep your business operational, safe and secure. We are dedicated to helping you use the right technology to take your form to the next level. Our pricing is simple and straight forward and includes everything you would need in an IT department. That means you can stop focusing on technology and focus on the success of your clients.

Fixed Pricing that includes unlimited services

All the services you need to empower your business to take advantage of technology to help your employees. We include everything except custom programming into our costs so you don’t have to worry about cost increases!

empower your business by Leveraging Our Services to Implement & Manage The best Technology. All with a simple fixed cost that won't change on you.

We lose around 40% of our productivity due to task-switching. In any business, it’s imperative that we work within several apps or programs at the same time to stay on top of client work. Automation streamlines your workflow, optimizing your time. When you start implementing legal technology properly, such as AI, proper use of the cloud, and mobility it will work for you—not against you. It should replace your manual workflows, automating tasks such as client intake, data entry, billing, and more.

Our Customers & Partners

IT Hybrid Expertise

We are the best IT MSP in the Houston area. It is our mission to help businesses leverage technology to grow their business and make their employees more productive. We are ready to help you today!

Not Just An IT Service Provider or Consultant

We are your complete IT Department working hard for your company 24/7/365. Don’t worry about per hour or fluctuating monthly costs. With our service you will always know how much your IT services cost, because our pricing is per employee and upfront. Since we are always on the clock working for you, we reduce issues and solve problems so they don’t impact your company’s productivity. We do IT all so you can focus on your business, employees and customers!

The game has changed. Are you Ready?

  • Employees are demanding work from anywhere perks from employers. Providing exceptional work from home digital services will allow companies to retain and acquire top talent. This will be THE competitive advantage in 2021 & 2022.  

  • Cloud infrastructure and services are becoming increasingly critical and more complex. Empowering a remote workforce is now requiring worldwide digital services. You need the digital services close to your employees to keep productivity high. 

  • Digital Transformation fails a the feet of business strategy. To achieve the defined value your business needs a strong intertwined business strategy is required to ensure you are making the right decisions and investments into Digital services. 

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